PC Mag: Quote "The beyerdynamic MMX 300 2nd Gen headset is the best-sounding wired gaming headset we've ever tested"

Sydney, December 2017

The following is an extract from a PC Mag review on the MMX 300 (2nd Gen) headset.    


The MMX 300 doesn't look like a gaming headset. It looks like a high-end pair of headphones with a boom mic attached. It's completely black, with large, round plastic ear-cups mounted on anodized metal arms connected to the headband. The arms let the ear-cups tilt up and down and pivot slightly left and right for a comfortable fit, but they don't fold inward for storage. The headband is generously padded and covered in leather, and you can remove the padding thanks to hook and loop fasteners that keep it in place. The ear-pads are also large and plush, and covered in felt. The result is a comfortable, solid fit that you can wear for long periods.

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Game and Voice Performance

Star Wars: Battlefront II sounds excellent on the MMX 300. The soundtrack is full and sweeping, and dialogue is clear regardless of how frantic the action is. The different blaster weapons sound distinct, and environmental sounds like forest creatures and crashing spaceships are clean and detailed. While the headset doesn't have any simulated surround tricks, its stereo imaging provides a fantastic sense of horizontal direction.

Forza Motorsport 7 sounds just as impressive. The high-pitched rev of compact car engines comes through clearly against the sound of screeching tires and rain on windshields. The rumble of cars driving over rough terrain sounds deep and imposing, reaching well into the low frequencies to give a good sense of power and friction.

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